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Cost of road crashes

Road crashes result in a wide range of social costs, including medical costs, workforce losses, damage to vehicles and infrastructure, the costs of emergency services, and the costs of traffic jams caused by crashes. Also intangible consequences such as pain, grief and loss of quality of life count as costs too. It is essential to have a clear understanding of these costs in order to develop sound policy considerations and set priorities.

W2Economics has a wealth of specialist expertise on the costs of road crashes. We help you to assess the social and economic impact of crashes on the global, regional, national or local level, or for specific stakeholders like companies. Our analyses can provide a clear understanding of how costs are spread across a range of stakeholders, and of their options for reducing costs. We are highly experienced in developing methodologies and guidelines for determining the costs of road crashes, making international comparisons, and comparing the costs of road crashes to those in other policy areas.

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