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Public policy solutions

Improving road safety requires sound, well considered policy decisions, for instance in establishing and allocating budgets, prioritising road safety measures, and determining road safety targets. W2Economics can provide you with robust, reliable economic foundations for those policy decisions.

Our analyses of the costs of road accidents provide a basis for setting policy priorities and can help justify additional attention to or investment in road safety; at national, regional and global levels, as well as for provinces and local authorities. We can answer questions such as:

Our economic evaluations can underpin the selection and implementation of road safety measures or programmes. They provide insights into the costs, effects, benefits and financing opportunities for various options. This in turn can provide a basis for selecting and implementing those measures that, within the (financial) possibilities, can deliver the greatest return in terms of road safety improvements. Our analyses can also underpin decisions relating to road safety targets, for instance by determining the financial feasibility of targets and by assessing the influence of economic growth on the development of road safety.

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